I have a sore scratchy throat, my voice is gone, a dry cough and runny nose. I have been taking nyquil and dayquil, nothing is working. What can I d?

Wait, rest, hydrate. Right now many viral upper respiratory infections are 'going around'! nyquil & dayquil both just treat the symptoms. Your body has to develop antibodies to this new viral intruder to your body. The only cure is to wait and help your body heal. Anti-biotics will not treat a viral respiratory infection. A statistic: over 50% of anti-biotics written in usa are unnecessary. Hope u r better soon!
Wait! Nobody likes a cold. The symptoms can make you feel awful. There is no cure, though, besides letting your body heal. Over the counter remedies can help, like acetaminophen, decongestants, salt water gargles, nasal saline rinses, and expectorants. Some doctors might prescribe nasal steroids depending on symptoms. Antibiotics won't help a virus. Best to get plenty of rest and stay well fed!

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Help plz. What can I take? 3 days dry cough only at night time. I can't sleep & I'm coughing all nite with an scratchy throat. Started with runny nose

See a dr. Hard to say what might be causing your symptoms- allergies in air, detergent used on your pillow cases or sheets, etc. You may need to have an allergy test or it could be something else that needs to be determined by a visit to the dr. Read more...

I've had a scratchy throat and dry cough for a month. I wake up without a voice, it comes back, then starts to go again by night time.

Maybe GERD. This may be gastroesophageal reflux (acid reflux into the back of the throat); this can especially occur at night. You could try over the counter "acid blockers" like pepcid/omeprazole for a few weeks and see if it helps. Read more...