Me and my husband have been trying to get pregnant for 5 months now. What other things can I do other than sex to get pregnant faster? I am turning 22.

First things first. At 21, there should be no rush. First a woman trying to conceive (ttc) should try to do these things: strive to reach and maintain a healthy weight through nutritious diet and exercise. See a primary or obgyn doctor for exam, any needed tests and vaccinations; keep record of lmp (first day of last normal period). Avoid alcohol, tobacco, other toxins. See gyn if not pregnant after 1 year of trying.
Discover fertility. You may benefit to recognize signs of fertility in your body. You may get information at http://www.Popepaulvi.Com/ for the creighton model or contact couple to couple league at http://www.Ccli.Org/ they will teach natural means to increase your chances of pregnancy.
Patience. It can take a normal couple up to 18 months to achieve a conception. If you are having regular monthly cycles, have no history of std's, and no health problems - it is likely just a matter of time. You should know that you are most fertile near midcycle, and you should be taking prenatal vitamins, or at least folic acid.
Track ovulation. Getting pregnant requires (at least) ovulation and well-timed sex. Links for tracking ovulation (http://bit.Ly/zhx3ds) which then means you can have sex at right time. Egg healthy for 18-24 hrs after ovulation. Sperm in body for 2 days reliably (can be longer). If no pregnancy after 12 well-timed months then see fertility specialist. We are very good at success these days. Good luck.
Keep trying! I recommend you keep trying for a few more months before consulting a physician. During this period, time your cycle so you have intercourse 1-2 days before ovulation, about 16 days before the first day of your period and every other day. Also recommend you and your husband stay healthy, norm weight, no smoking, marijuana, extreme sports or hot tub. Good luck!
? The rush. First u and u husband need to have a routine examination to make sure nothing is wrong , than try to find out when u usually ovulate... I think that way u may be successful , good luck.