30wks+4dayspregnant on strict hospital br unmeasurable cervix dilated 1cm fully effaced with funneling may be sent home @32 weeks bad idea to send home?

Not necessarily. New data has shown us that women in your situation do not need to be hospitalized long term. In fact, hospitalization can cause other problems (like blood clots or hospital acquired infections). If you're doctor sends you home, it's likely that he/she knows you'll do okay. If your water breaks or you start to have contractions, of course you'll head straight back. Good luck!
Discuss w/doctor. You have concerns which are legitimate, it depends on a lot of factors whether you would be a candidate for home care. How close you are to the hospital, how reliable your transport is, how well you stick to orders, and a whole host of other things. Talk to your doctor and ask questions. Write tem down too help remember them.