Is a PFO the same as atrial septal defect? Echo states abnormal shunt suggestive small atrial septal defect. What does suggestive mean is it def small?

ASD. A pfo is also an asd. Small ASD is usually fairly easy to tell on echo. Suggestive readings generally are subtle findings. Ask the doctor what the test means, without seeing it, we can't be sure.
Almost. Both are openings from right to left atrium through the atrial septum='wall patent foramen ovale is natural and mostly closes at birth. Atrial septal defect can be at that location or larger and means the septum did not completely form. Size and shunting of unoxygentaed right atrial blood to left heart is the issue. Also embolism across the septum, or infections can be problems.
Not Exact Same. A pfo is the persistence of a normal fetal communication between the top two chambers of the heart. A secundum ASD is an abnormal hole in the atrial septum. They vary in size though, so treatments vary. Suggestive literally means just that. No test is perfect, and it seems like the size cannot be determined. Please discuss these results with your cardiologist to gain their understanding.

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Can endocarditis CAUSE atrial septal aneurysm with a pfo or ASD shunt?

Endocarditis is an. infection of the heart. Atrial septal aneurysm, patent foramen and atrial septal defects are anatomical variants determined by your genetic makeup and embryological development. There is no causal relationship between the two. Read more...
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