Can you bleed while you're pregnant?

Yes. Depending on the amount and timing of the bleeding, it may or may not be of serious concern. Some bleeding can occur after sex. Other types of bleeding can indicate a problem with the pregnancy. Some bleeding may occur near labor or after an examination. Please report this to your doctor who will recommend a course of action.
Yes. Some spotting can be normal during the first trimester, and even throughout the pregnancy. If you have vaginal bleeding beyond just some spotting, and cramps during your pregnancy, please go to your local er or family birth center right away.
Yes but not normal. Bleeding is common in pregnancy withas many as 40% of pregnancies affected. It is not considered normal and should always be evaluated by your provider. Many times perhaps half or more the bleeding is not dangerous and will resolve without treatment. The timing in pregnancy that the bleeding occurs is important as to the reason for the bleeding. Treatment, if available, depends on the reason.