What is a good chest workout?

Hours at gym. Depends upon your goal. Most want to build up the chest muscles both for strength and appearance. It is generally felt that repetitive lower weight exercise is better than fewer reps at weights at your limit. Most gyms have professionals who can give you good tips in this area and you can also get help from physical therapists. A good diet is useful as well.
Many options. Hi weight and lo reps i.E 4-6 will build muscle size but has a higher risk of injury. Hi reps and lo weight burns fat. Different exercises recruit different portions of a muscle. For chest a workout may include: inclines, straight and decline bench press as well as fly’s. Avoid daily exercise of the same muscle. Contact a trainer who can design a program suited for your goals and body’s needs.

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What are good chest workouts that put the least amount of pressure on your neck?

Bench workouts. Supine on a flat bench or inclined with weights that do not cause you to strain by lowering the total amount of weight but then increasing the number of repetitions per each of the 3 sets. Your head should be resting supported on the bench as well. Machines are fine as well as long as you keep the weight load lower & compensate by increasing the reps per set. Read more...