What preventive vaccines should a healthy 65 year old male consider?

Adult Vaccinations. Recommended (preventive medicine) vaccinations for 65 year olds: pneumococcal (or pneumonia) -one time vaccine; herpes zoster (shingles) -one time vaccine; tetanus (tdap if interacting with infants regularly)-every 10 years; influenza vaccine (yearly). Note-the shingles vaccine is not well reimbursed by insurance companies and can cost $100-$300 out of pocket.
Vaccines x adult>65. 1-pneumovax for prevention of peumococcal pneumonia. 2-influenza agains influenza i, ii, and swine flu 2011-2012 3-tetanus-diphtheria (td )or tetanus-diphteria-atenuated pertussis (tdap) if not given in 10 years or if unknown 4- zostavax to prevent shingles ( after age 60) if pt had chickenpox at some point in life.
Several. Current recomemdations for vaccines for 65 year olds include pneumonia & shingles, in addition to every 10 year tetanus and annual flu shots.