Whats the best medical advise for a young patient (24yrs) with high blood pressure?

Many. Lose weight, exercise, lower sodium intake, and keep track of your blood pressure readings, while all along seeing a doctor.
BP control. Blood pressure control can occur by implementing as many of the following as possible: see your doctor regularly and take any medications prescribed, 30 minutes or more of daily cardiovascular exercise, weight loss, low saturated fat diet, avoidance of dietary salt, and stress reduction &/or daily meditation.
Medical work up. Someone this young may have familial hypertension (inherited from family), but it is unusual enough that a thorough evaluation of cardiovascular/heart, kidney, endocrine and brain function be carried out. First step is see your doctor. This is not a do-it-yourself project.
Meds=last on list. At 24, meds should be absolute last option. Lifestyle is critical (wt loss, salt restriction, regular exercise), but other factors can be alcohol (limit to 1-2 drinks/day; more than this can raise bp) and sleep apnea (esp if you are overweight), as hi BP can be totally reversed by treating apnea. It's still important to control BP even when young, as it will greatly increase your risk later on.

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