I have not felt well for the last 4 months (had a baby 8 months ago). I'm exhausted, my head feels fuzzy, anxious, nauseous and irritable bowel.?

Depression? Post-partum depression could explain many of the symptoms. A paper and pencil test like the phq-9 could be meaningful. Thorough medical evaluation to rule out common medical causes of these symptoms would be imperative. Depression often presents with poor concentration, lack of energy, anxiety and multiple physical symptoms - often no medical cause for them. Consult with your md.
Get checked. Post partum period is tumultuous with your body hormones changing rapidly. Several things can be happening including worsening of irritable bowel and anxiety. Lack of sleep make things worse. Thyroid hormone tends decrease six months post partum and can trigger depression and or anxiety. Consult your physician for an evaluation to rule out post partum depression and screen for thyroid functions.