After liposuction, will my abs show (a 6 pack)?

Up to you. If you work out your abs and you're undergoing liposuction to remove that last little bit of stubborn fat, then very possibly. If you don't exercise and you're trying to remove a large volume of fat then highly doubtful.
No, not unless... Not unless one already has well-developed abdominal musculature. If a person doesn't have much in the way of abdominal musculature (hasn't been working out and building those muscles), sucking out fat is not going to increase muscle size.
If u had b4 surgery . If you had a six pack before surgery, liposuction could potentially uncover that well defined musculature. However, it will not create a six pack because a six ack is due to muscular contours and liposuction only works on the fat. If you undergo lipo etching you could create the false appearance of a six pack but it is artificial and often distorted by weight gain or loss.
It depends. If your rectus muscles have developed a six pack, the removal of fat above them should help them show trough your skin.
Generally not. Unless you have really great abdominal muscles beneath the layer of fat, it's unlikely that liposuction will suddenly give you a "ripped" appearance. And abdominal "etching" - removing fat to make it look as though you have muscles - usually doesn't look that good.