Knee pain. Meds, ice, heat don't work. I'm obese. Used to pop by twisting knee. Same leg longer than other. Pain is all over. No job or money for dr?

Weight. For 1 week write in full detail what you eat, and drink. I mean everything (even water, chips, candy etc). Then look at it, analyse it. You have to trim down (gradually) the eating diary. Many time you think you eat well but when you look at it on a piece of paper you realize there are always adjustment to make without starving that is a simple advice to a complex situation.
Knee pain. Many sources and your symptoms sound like cartilage damage, possible ligament damage. Use some ice, then heat alternating, if you can afford a brace, if not try a wrap. Ibuprofen may help with pain. Try to walk without putting weight on your bad leg, then twisting. This will reduce pain. If not improving, and it may not, you need to be seen by pcp or an orthopedic physician.