Is it normal for my child to be ignoring me?

Yes. Sure, they probably have their minds on something funner. Children don't have a long attention span, and would rather listen to fun things than instructions, anyway. If you want their attention, get at their eye level, gently square their shoulders to yours, and speak to them eye to eye. They may not like it, but they will learn that when you talk they should listen...At least until teenage years.
Dr. Pappas described. How to get your child's attention. Then have your child repeat your instructions just to make sure he understands. Behavioral ignoring (non-compliance) differs from not turning to name at 9 mos., not waving "bye" back by 10 mos. Not sharing joint attention by 18 mos., not hearing you, being "hyper-focused" on electronic screens or preferred activities & other " can't" vs. "won't" issues.