How long after bladder cancer surgery should you still be peeing out blood?

Contact your surgeon. Call your surgeon for that answer. It totally depends on your surgical procedure and what all was done, how much blood are you seeing, is there a catheter etc. You probably have a contact number on post-op paperwork sent home with you.
Blood in urine. If you went home with a catheter, then the urine can remain pink for days or over a week...This question best answered by your doc but micro hematuria will last weeks or longer....
Depends. . Depends on how much was reseected and any other concomitant problems. Amount if cancer in the bladder if it is heavy bleeding and there is blood clots that is unusual. If the patient is dropping hemoglobin thats a bit too much. Sometimes looks could be deceiving and what you ate looking at looks worst than what really is. Pink clear is ok. Speak to the urologist and discuss it with him/her.