A lot of burping, fatigue, sore throat & ear (comes and goes) & sometimes choking and coughing when eating. Could this be thyroid or throat related?

See your DR and get. Checked for thyroid condition, problems with esophagus, vocal cords, stomach; viral infection, menopause etc. Hope u feel better soon!
See a doctor. Give a full detailed history, get examined and may have to undergo some testing, but over the internet is not the way in which to be diagnosed.

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2 months ago started with intense cough (with gagging and choking). Now have sore throat/ears on and off and exhaustion. Mild cough now. Pertussis?

Possible. But your symptoms are rather suggesting a different etiology for the second wave of symptoms. You probably started with a protracted viral illness and pertussis is a possibility, but I believe now the etiology is different and it may involve a different virus or bacteria, allergies, etc. Definitely worth a visit with your physician. Read more...