I am weezing in my right lung only but when I cough I can clear out the mucus. Then is clogs again and I weez. Any idea?

See doctor... You need your doctor to examine you to be certain that you are only wheezing on one side since sometimes the wheeze may be more prominent on one side but there is wheezing in both lungs. If you truly have a one-sided wheeze, that indicates obstruction in that lung and you would need a bronchoscopy to determine what is obstructing the airway like a mucous plug, foreign body, tumor, etc. Good luck!
Needs further eval. Wheezing is often reported by patients and is a common finding on examination of the lungs. It is found in asthma, COPD and even at times with acute bronchitis. As a symptom it suggests spasm and inflammation of the airways. However persistant or recurrant unilateral wheezing needs a closer look for a foriegn body or mass causing a partial airway obstruction. See a pulmonologist for further eval.
Mucous plugging. Sounds like you might have mucous plugs in your lungs. This can happen with bronchitis and other medical conditions. Over the counter guafenacin (robitussin, mucinex) may be helpful. You should also see your doctor for evaluation. You may benefit from a prescription inhaler and if your symptoms don't resolve you might need further evaluation and treatment.

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How to clear lungs and open airways. No asthma but wheeze and dry cough. Feel clogged. What can I take? Anything natural? Can lungs close off?

How do you know? You will need a lung function test to ascertain whether your have asthma. If you smoke, you may be suffering from chronic bronchitis and the treatment is stopping smoking- the most natural way. If you continue on smoking even just 1 pack a day, you are risking conditions such as chronic irreversible lung obstruction, bronchitis, and even cancers involving different body parts. Read more...

I have mild cough x 2 yrs and wheeze heard loudest upper right chest and back. Docs don't seem concerned normal x-ray. I'm scared lung cancer. Ideas?

Need more informatio. Need more information as to any past history of asthma in childhood, history of smoking if any, any pulmonary function tests done in office and report, any responce to meds like steroid and bronchdilaters if ever prescribed.If the xray is normal lung cancer is not likely. If you are still concerned consult a pulmonary specialist.It may be asthma or COPD need pulmonary function test.It may be reflux. Read more...
Chronic cough. You should have more work up then just an x-ray, but cancer is just one possibility, and other things are more likely. See your helpful pulmonologist and get pulmonary function tests. Reflux, asthma, chronic bronchitis, COPD are all possibilities. Read more...