Is there a board certification in laryngology? If not, how to know if an ENT here is more expert at that (vs. Thyroid, etc). Was told they all do it.

Also. May be good to ask your ENT dr how many of your specific procedures he or she does per year.
Ask. Several different board certifications can emphasis expertise in laryngology, and all ents will have extensive training. However, every physician of any specialty can choose to further train in an area, or can focus their practice on a specific area. Best to ask up front if you have a particular need or problem to be sure the physician you select can meet your needs.
Yes, ENT. The specialty of otolaryngology (ent - ears, nose, throat) has a board certification. Here are some basic links to what they do and their professional societies (http://bitly.Com/zdams3). Like most specialties these days, physicians often develop expertise in a narrow part of medicine. The amount of data is overwhelming. Still, many excellent docs are broad based in their specialty.