What does it mean when your platelets are low?

Thrombocytopenia. It means you could be easily. There are different levels of low platelets. Depending on how low, your overall health, your medications, comorbid medical condition your doctor will determine the proper treatment. Normal level is >150, 000. Most people don't have problems if above 100, 000. Below 100, 000 needs more attention.
Blood problem. A low platelet count reflects lower amounts of platelets circulating in the blood. This can be due to decreased production or increased destruction. Causes include medications, infections, cancers, bone marriw problems. If very low numbers are presnt then there is an increased risk of bleeding.
Abnormal events. Low platelets means:1. Increased use- some process possibly xs clotting or infection are using them up 2.Increased distruction- they don't last as long 3. The bone marrow is not making as many as you need (can occur when bone marrow is overtaken by leukemia or other process). Improper collection technique can also produce falsely depressed counts.Gradual return to nl levels can signal recovery.