I have sle & asthma. I woke up this morning w/severe/sore chest pain, junky caughw/phlem, headache, bodyaches, extreme fatigue, & my temp has been betwee?

Need evaluation... You need to be evaluated asap to determine the etiology of your symptoms and to be treated. You can be seen in the er for your chest discomfort, fever, body aches, cough. Sounds like an infection, could be pneumonia so you need to be seen by a doctor right away, before symptoms worsen. If you are sort of breath, or if symptoms are worsening, definitely call 911. Get to an er.
Low immunity. Sle is an auto-immune disorder, it decreases the immunity in the body with increased incidence of infections and decreases the ability to fight bacteria, on the other hand bronchial asthma is an allergic disorder associated with trapping air inside lungs and with accumulation of mucus , the combination of sle and asthma increases the possibility of respiratory infections.