Mortons neuroma foot swelling numb for week can get cold is this really bad?

Yes. The cold is an indication of poor blood supply due to the swelling, see a podiatrist for treatment.
Neuroma. If it is a neuroma where a wider shoe that won't squeeze bones together and a metatarsal pad to take pressure off it. See podiatrist, may need a mild steroid injection and nsaids. Custom orthotics often help as well.
Need quick relief. Is due to compression of nerve between 2 nd &3rd metatarsal heads , give rest , foot message apply cold compresses , wear loose shoes if possible with inserts , and ant inflammatory pain medication , will help most of the time , other wise seek professional help for long term relief or cure.
Morton's neuroma . Is not really bad, but that doesn't cause foot swelling, neuroma will cause numbness but not swelling so you need to figure out what the foot is swollen and seek treatment for the neuroma.