I'm allergic to shellfish, can I take fish oil? Krill capsules?

Fish oil vs shellfis. Generally fish oil is produced from oily type fish ie bluefish or salmon so it should be safe to take for people with true shellfish allergies. Krill because it is a type of shrimp - may be more of a challenge - if possible i would stick to fish oil.
Krill. Try a handful of walnuts two times day. Walnut contain omega 3 and antioxidents.
Yes on fish oil. There is no cross-sensitivity between shellfish and fish and fish oil contains very little if any fish protein . If you are allergic to shrimp however there may be a slight chance of reaction to krill but this has not been studied. Again most oil contains little or no protein regardless of the source.
EPA Best Evidence. Both epa ; dha, from phytoplankton, at very high (i.e. Purified rx) doses, tend to ? the triglyceride concentrations in blood. Epa (without dha ; all the other non-beneficial fats in common fish oil) has a track record of also ?ing LDL particle number, even at lower doses. Many long-term trials have shown 12-15% ? deaths. Thus i commonly recommend purified epa, vascepa, but only 1 gm (capsule)/day.