What is omm?

Restore Body Balance. Omm is osteopathic manipulative medicine, practiced by dos. Omm looks at the body as a whole, how all the parts are interconnected & how that concept can used to treat disorders. Omm can be used to put misaligned bones in place (kind of like a chiropractor), relieve tense/spasmed muscles, keep body fluids (blood, lymph, stool) flowing, just to name a few. Goal of omm-restore the body's balance.
Osteopath. Manipulat. Omm can be osteopathic manipulative medicine, which some D.O.'s practice. Healthtap has american-licensed doctors on this site, which means M.D.'s and D.O.'s. Omm is also called omt. Using omt, the osteopathic doctor moves muscles and joints using techniques that include stretching, gentle pressure, and resistance....To get joints moving and decrease muscle aches & spasms.
Osteopathic... Manipulative medicine. It is a modality of treating, usually, musculoskeletal issues by osteopathic physicians. Their is some suggestion of extra-musculoskeletal benefits in some cases. It is similar to better-known chiropractic "adjustments" but with a somewhat different philosophy and omm is generally coupled with traditional medical therapies.