Can I improve kidney health for better. (by alternatives and healthy food)especially if the problem due to accident with epileptic seizures.

Possibly. We don't know your age or your kidney function. If the kidney function is normal, then no. If it is abnormal, it is possible that some patients might benefit from a diet that provides the rdi for protein intake or if you are followed by a nephrologist, a lower protein diet could be used. Use of drugs like Ibuprofen regularly can cause kidney damage. See your doctor.
Kidney problem. Yes, kidney (renal) function can improve many times. However, this will depend in the cause if the problem. The best person to help your with this is a nephrologist.
Good Healthy Habbits. All steps needed to improve overall health will also improve kidney health. Proper diet, routine exercise program, water intake, good sleeping habits and no smoking and excessive drinking.