I have tingling and numbness in my right hand withsevere neck pain. There were no injuries. Can a pinchednerve heal on its own?

See pain specialist. It is very common to have your symptoms without an injury. The inflammation needs to be treated aggressively which can help alleviate/sometimes eliminate the pain/numbness/tingling that is likely coming from a cervical nerve irritation. Think of it like hitting your funny bone over and over and over. See a board certified pain specialist for an evaluation and treatment. Why wait to feel better?
Absolutely. The symptoms of a pinched nerve can resolve and many times do. They are usually related to either an impingment by a bony spur, a disc herniations, . Symptoms may also be present when nerve root becomes inflamed or stretched. Physical therapy, chiropractic, or interventional pain management are used if it does not get better. Failing those, surgery is sometimes needed. Thank you.
POSSIBLE nerve heals. A pinched nerve in the neck can be due to a 'bone spur' (arthritis) or a 'bulging disc' or a combination of both (also rarely a tumor). Arthritis usually does not just disappear, but a protruding disc can resolve. An xray can detect arthritis, but an MRI is the best test to see exactly which nerve is affected and by 'what'. Also consider carpal tunnel syndrome with hand numbness & tingling.
Radiculopathy. The symptoms described can be from nerve entrapment in the neck, arm, and/or wrist. Often with anti-inflammatories and time, the symptoms may resolve. If they don't you need to be evaluated to determine cause/treatment to the issue. If there is a true anatomic "pinching" of the nerve, the only way to relieve the pressure is with direct intervention (surgery).