I have blood thats colored red, not black in my stool every now and then. What does it mean? Is it from a fissure that has not been able to heal?

Blood in stool. Red blood in the stool (compared to dark blood) usually indicates bleeding in the rectum (could be hemorrhoids or anal fissure) or colon (benign polyp or colon cancer). Colon cancer only starts to become common after age 50. If you're under 50, and have obvious hemorrhoids or a fissure, most doctors would treat this and wait to see if the bleeding stops. Over 50, have an md take a look.
Hemorrhoids?Fissure? Internal hemorrhoids - bright red blood in stool, no pain with bowel movement external hemorrhoids - bright red blood in stool, can have mild pain with bowel movements fissures - bright red blood in stool, severe pain in anal canal during bowel movement pain severity = key factor. Lower GI exam for proper diagnosis. Rule out colon cancer/pre-cancer polyps/ulcerative colitis/diverticulosis/crohns.
Blood in stool. Many reasons for blood in stool. Most commonly it is the hemorrhoids (piles), however could be secondary to malignancy. Fissure is very painful, so if it is not painful then unlikely. This should be evaluated and possibly initially by anoscope and then thru colonoscopy. In the mean time start taking fiber as metamucil. Having red blood means it is from a lower source.