Painful bump on the bottom of my foot? It's the size of a hole punch. It's painful when pressed on but its beginning to be bothersome. What is it?

Pebble in your shoe. A wart. Or a callus or corn, your body's attempt to make padding against lots of friction/pressure. When it gets large enough, it's a self-made pebble in your shoe. Soften your skin during bath/shower or soaking your foot. Rub pumice stone or medium-grit sandpaper to remove old built-up skin. If you don't have nerve damage to your foot, use salicylic acid or duct tape. Repeat. Good luck!
Back exercises. I am going to refer you to this web md article: http://www. Webmd. Com/baby/guide/pregnancy-safe-exercises.
Ulcer, wart? It is hard to tell precisely what is from your description. Warts, venous insufficiency ulcers, and many other foot problems are that size and painful. Is it red, is the skin intact, are you diabetic, overweight, fit, do you have neurologic problems or bone problems? How long have you had it? See your physician and have it looked it - it could be simple (a wart), or complicated.
? Plantar Wart. Could be many things, but more commonly if not an ulcer could be a wart or a callous if in the position of constant pressure and friction. If you can see the skin line going through it without distortion it could be a callous. Needs to be evaluated by your pmd or by a podiatrist for definitive treatment.
Lumps and bumps. Important to distinguish the painful bump from a skin lesion like a wart or a cyst or a soft tissue lesion than can be seated deper. Because the are is painful, you should seek care from your podiatrist for physical examination, diagnosis, and treatment reccs...
See a physician. A foot specialist will be able to take a look at the lesion and run any necessary imaging or labs to determine the source of this problem. There are many lumps and bumps that can occur on the feet and a complete examination and history are important.