What is the normal blood sugar be for a child under 10 yrs old.?

Same as adult. Unless the child is a newborn, a normal fasting blood sugar should be between 65-99 mg/dl. Two hours following a meal, the blood sugar should be less than 140 mg/dl.
70-100. Normal blood sugar is between 70-100. In children it may be a be slightly less tha 70.
60-99 mg/dL. Fasting blood glucose levels range from about 60-99 mg%.
Depends. The expected bs for a child falls into a range( rather than a single number) that varies some with the situation. Within the first few hours of birth 40-60 would be expected, while 30-60 might be seen with a premi. After the 1st day 50-80 mg/dl, & by 1yr 60-100, teens 75-110. Those numbers apply to blood glucose on a venous sample. Test strips are less reliable.