For how long is CMV contagious? I have CMV IgM 86.50 IgG 60.5 but I no longer have fever. Also, can it erupt again in the future?

As long as virus .. Good morning, CMV can be spread as long as the virus is present in the body fluids or body surface, the presence being detected by pcr test. Igm informs recent exposure; igg shows past exposure. Presence of rash indirectly suggests an active clinical evidence. Presence of an igg and absence of igm antibodies suggests a non contagious state.

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I have CMV IgM negative and IgG positive. Am I contagious to other people or to my partner? Thank you!

No. IgM is the antibody that you develop when you have a new infection, this is the one that is contagious. IgG means that you have been exposed to the infection and have developed memory immunity to it. Read more...