Can I use neosporin for an anal fissure?

Would not. it is not uncommon to be allergic to this product. This may just make it worse, if that is the case.
If it helps Yes. Fissure causes severe anal spasm result in the pain, plenty of fluids, high fiber diet , local care, will help . Ointment that releases spasm like 0 .6 % nitroglycerine will help, speak to your doctor.

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Can you use Neosporin with an anal fissure? What can you use for relief?

4 persistent fissure. Could U be referring to fissures, fistula, abscess? Sexually transmitted disease (syphilis, gc, hiv, etc.) should be considered. Hemorrhoids & rectal prolapse can appear as an outward bulging. Anal trauma may cause mechanical injury. Skin eruptions need to be considered. Once diagnosis confirmed, chronic/recurring fissures may respond to prescription nitrate or diltiazem topicals. Surgery 4 some. Read more...
Yes, doubt helpful. If you have a fissure, use Tucks pads (witch hazel) to help. There are Rx creams you can use - see your doctor. Read more...