What is the role of pyridoxine in morning sickness?

Try ginger. I have not heard a good explanation for why this helps with nausea associated with pregnancy. (it helps with metabolism of carbs, etc.)i also have not found it to be effective at relieving nausea. However, ginger tablets have been proven about as effective as anti-nausea medications and there is no risk to baby. Eating foods with ginger helps too. My patients tell me the ginger works well.
Often helps. Research shows that pyridoxine (vitamin b6) often relieves morning sickness. Nothing works for everyone but it is safe and reasonable to try- usually 10-25 mg with food 3x/day. See http://www.Webmd.Boots.Com/pregnancy/morning-sickness-vitamin-b-6-for-normal-nausea-and-vomiting-in-early-pregnancy.