Can drooping eyelids cause amblyopia?

Not always. In children , if a dropping eyelid blocks (or partially) the child's vision, it certainly can, but it won't if the visual axis is wide open or if the patient is an adult. See am ophthalmologist to determine if it is blocking the vision.
Maybe. Amblyopia is a condition resulting after the brain decides to turn off the visual input of one eye because it presents a blurred, weak or distorted image that does not match up to that of the other sharper eye. If a drooping lid covered one eye enough to distort the image, amblyopia might result. If both lids droop equally or do not distort the image, i doubt it would.

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I woke up this morning with drooping eyelid in my left eye. I have been having headaches on and off, although I am not having one right now.

Ptosis. sounds like ptosis (a weakness of the levator muscle in the eylid) Headaches suggestive of inflammatory process. Bells palsy can look similar but it is seldom isolated only to the eyelid. Have your situation evaluated by MD. Your condition is not normal and could have other causes. Read more...