Why is insurance so expensive?

Publicly owned. Amazing ain't it? They are in the business of making money! do you own a 401k? Do you like your money to grow? Your stock investments to make money? I betcha you are an insurance company stockholder if you have a good mutual fund, and may not even know it. By the way, you are funding medicare and medicaid too! only in america...
Good question. A visit to the marbled halls of the blue cross building in pittsburgh may help to answer that question. Our health care system is expensive for many reasons which have nothing to do with the high quality of medical care that the insurance covers. That being said, the quality of care needs to be maintained while we institute policies that reduce its cost.
It is just a formula. Health insurance is just a reflection of a formula: premiums = (cost of medical care anticipated to be expense by a specific population over time) + (overhead) + (profit). -or- 100% of premium = (80% medical costs) + (15% overhead) + (5% profit) not complicated.