Is tubal ligation major surgery? How long to recover from it?

No if done in office. Tubal ligation (occlusion) can also be done in the office setting using a scope to look inside the uterus. Tiny devices can be placed into the fallopian tubes to block them. This can be done with local anesthesia, much like having a tooth cavity filled.
Yes & No. Tubal ligation requires either major surgery (laparoscopy/post-partum mini-laparotomy) or minor surgery (essure tubal implants). Here are links to resources (http://bitly. Com/wp1hdv). Laparoscopy tubals require 2 small incisions about 1-2 inches long at belly button and "bikini-line". Recovery is 2-7 days but totally normal feeling is 2-6 weeks. Reversals requested 2%, not easy with essure.
Ligation or essure. Tubal ligation is more than minor surgery + performed laparoscopically which requires general anesthesia, this can be quite major if you have extensive bowel adhesions. Essure, a fairly recent modality + an office procedure which has largely replaced tubal ligation + achieves similar end result of permanently obstructing fallopian tube. Small capsule device is passed via cervix + uterus.
No. Tubal ligation its an out patient procedure; most of the time its done using laporascopy procedure. And patient recover quickly and back to work in 2-3 days.

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Can I get tubal ligation surgery at 21?

Yes. But it is a very important decision. Although people talk about reversing this surgery, the results are variable, so assume that it will be permanent. You are young and life changes more than we think at 21. If you seek sterility there are many options without surgery. Take your time to make a decision.

What shoud I expect from tubal ligation surgery?

Very little. If you are having the essure the recovery is rapid with minimal to no post op pain. With the laparoscopy you can expect pain from the incision and the gas with a down time of about 2 days. With both procedure you can expect some temporary vaginal bleeding.

If my insurance dose not cover reversable tubal ligation how much will the surgery cost how much would be the deposit to start procedure of surgery.

Expensive. Microsurgery repair especially robotic can cost thousands if bungled can cause tubal pregnancy which is an emergency or not work at all IVF is the way to go.

Is any doctors that will treat post tubal ligation syndrome  (PTLS) by surgery in Alabama Georgia or Florida?

Yes. Depending on the severity of pain, they can help you determine the right course for you. I am located in South Florida if you live in the area. We can schedule a consult to discuss this further. Best Wishes Dr M.

Need to find a doctor on fort sam houston that accepts tricare for spouses to do tubal ligation reversal surgery asap lynnette bigelow 210 6631331

Brooke. Brooke army medical center serves fort sam houston. You can contact humana military healthcare services at 1- 800-444-5445 or you can make an appointment (210) 916-9900. However, wilford hall usaf medical center is at lackland air force base which is also in san antonio texas. It is a world class medical center with a large gynecology department. Good luck.

Tubal ligation reversal surgery at 29..... is it possible and or even worth it for me to do this procedure to conceive a child?

Depends. It depends on how your tubal was dome in the first place. You have to have at least 4 cm if healthy tube for a good reanastomosis. Your surgeon should they to get your op note and tell you what chances you have. In the right hands, tubal reanastomosis can be successful and may be cheaper in the long run than IVF, especially if you want more than one.

Can tubal ligation decrease your sex drive? I'm 10 years post surgery.

No. No. In fact, one would think that by eliminating the risk of concepcion/pregnancy, one would be less inhibited/more liberated.
Not likely, because tubal ligation is a mechanical blockage to prevent migration of ovum from ovary to uterus. It has nothing to do with hormone levels, changes in which can affect libido.

I had a tubal ligation and want to have a baby is there anyway to conceive without surgery or ivf...Please please help I want another baby!?

No. After having a tubal ligation the only way of reestablishing fertility is either having surgery to have the tubes put back together or have in vitro fertilization where fertilization occurs outside the body in a laboratory.
Embryo adoption. The chance of pregnancy 'on your own' is low but not zero without in vitro fertilization (ivf) to bypass your tubes, or a surgical tubal ligation reversal. A third option is embryo adoption, where embryos donated by another couple are placed inside your uterus - obviously there is no genetic connection with you or your partner. See a reproductive endocrinology / infertility or rei specialist.