How can you tell if you have hurt your left wrist/elbow or shoulder?

Pain. If your joint hurts it was probably injured. If it is only "sore" with motion it may be simply sprained. If you have deformity or crepitance about the joint, it could be broken. Shoulders can be a bit more difficult to assess but typically pain and weakness or night pain worse with overhead activity can indicate an inflamed tendon or worse case a tear.

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What does it mean when you have hives on both arms and left wrist is swollen and hurts to bend the elbow and move the shoulder?

Angioedema. You are hiving hives and perhaps angioedema , the latter occurs when the same process which causes hives takes place in the subcutaneous tissue. However if Benadryl (diphenhydramine) up to 4 to 6 x a day does not reduce the problem, then you need to see a doctor. Read more...

I injured (sprained) my left wrist, elbow and shoulder 4 weeks ago by falling off my pushbike. How long do you think ignorant could take for me to be?

That depends... I assume you wonder how long the sprains last - which is typically 6-12 weeks, but could be more or less depending if you reinjure yourself due to overuse. After you heal, you will want to gradually build up your muscles with gentle range of motion stretches and exercises. Read more...