Which products work best on diabetic foot ulcers?

Need to see it. There are too many products to suggest any without seeing your wound and knowing your health history, and the response to previous treatments. You would be best served going to a wound center that has a podiatrist. They have all the latest and best technology to treat you. Good luck!
Wound care products. The selection of a wound care product is based on the type of wound.... Many pieces in the puzzle of wound care...Vascular status, neuropathy, blood sugar control, pressure relief, infection, etc... You should see a board certified wound care specialists to help access the wound and select an appropriate wound care regimen.
Wound care. . Diabetic ulcers will generally heal if you offload the area (decrease direct pressure with an insert, or a wheelchair), have your doctor trim the callus and dead tissue away on a regular basis, and if the ulcer is infected, you may need oral or IV antibiotics, depending on the severity of the infection.