Which career would you rather do: dentistry vs medicine?

Well, for me... I chose dentistry for the following reasons - i like to see my patients on a regular basis and i enjoy seeing immediate results from what i do. We can easily see a cavity fixed, a smile made beautiful, teeth straightened out. Medicine can take longer to see a result. Both careers are dedicated to helping others, but i chose dentistry, so am clearly biased.. :o).
What you like. Whatever you like remember you are going to do the rest of your life.
You can do both. if you love both medicine and dentistry than Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is for you. You are trained as an Anesthesiologist, a Surgeon (trauma and general) and are licensed to do facial cosmetic procedures depending on your credentialing and your state board's rules. Don't get me wrong, it is long, arduous days but the financial payoff and the practice of medicine in dentistry is VERY rewarding.
Dentistry. I chose dentistry for many reasons., I'm assuming your asking for yourself.Both are great professions giving you an opportunity to help many people. This is something you will have to decide for yourself..Best of luck.
Career choices. At 18, my daughter asked me the same question. In todays environment of governmental interferences on diagnosis and treatment planning in medicine, i had given her the right answer. Dentistry enjoys significant freedoms from govt regulation compared to medicine. She is now and orthodontist.
Personal choice.... This is purely a personal choice. Both have their pros and cons. Best option is to ask some local offices to have you "observe" for a day or two to see if either career is for you.
Dentistry! Obviously, as a dentist, I chose that route. I had no interest in medicine, at all. Never appealed to me. Dentistry offers a great working environment, long-term relationships with patients, the ability to help in nearly every case, plenty of challenges, the ability to own your own practice with fewer legal/insurance restrictions, and many other benefits. But, that's just me, not you.
Dentistry. I chose dentistry b/c I enjoy being able to diagnose a patient and also perform their treatments/surgeries from start to finish. I like being able to work with my hands and not just diagnose. It's also nice to see recurring patients a few times a year so you can build good relationships with families.
Dentistry. Dentistry is a hands on treatment of patients. The Dentist my perform procedures on the patient. General Medicine is more Diagnosis and Guiding a patient through actions that the patient needs to do.
Follow your heart. I feel both professions are great! both have similar training and time for education. I personally picked dentistry because i love using my hands and the art of dentistry as well. I also love seeing my patients every 6 months and watching kids grow up or family's grow or adults progressing through life.