I am on Zoloft (sertraline) 100mg. But I worry about dying, my relatives dying, and people coming into our home and other horrible things. Cant afford therapy.?

Significant Anxiety. Your question seems to point to significant anxiety and does require proper evaluation, medication, therapy and ongoing regular monitoring. If therapy is not possible then at least regular visits for medication management are warranted. Depending upon your condition the monitoring could be tailored to yuor comfor level. Recommend discussing this issue with the provider.
Dosing Guidelines. Zoloft and its generic sertraline have fda approval for a number of conditions: major depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, ptsd, & social anxiety disorder to name a few. The dose range for zoloft is 50mg to 200mg each day. Conditions having anxiety as a major component usually require higher doses. Check with your md about your dose. Never change a dose on your own.
Not working. It sounds like your dose is not working for you. Have a talk with your doctor about this. A dosage change may be in order, or a change in medication. The best news i can give you is that there are a number of medications, and one will work for you.
Not working. It sounds like what you are taking is not fully effective. Have a talk with your doctor about what else you can do. No one wants to live in fear!
Relax! Find ways to relax. Do something you enjoy. Talk to your family and friends about something fun. Listen to music or go dancing. You may want to consider walking or jogging regularly. Consider meditation, yoga or tai chi. If your anxiety is very severe, you really need professional help. Talk to your doctor about the possibility of increasing the dose fo zoloft (sertraline) or adding another antianxiety med.