My gums are killing me, help!? I am scared that I have early stage gingivitis.

Killing gums. Generally periodontal disease progresses in patients that do not seek regular dental care for whatever reason and their homecare is inadequate, but it is insidious in that, like heart disease many times you do not know it is there until it is serious. "killing you" is not a consistent symptom of early gingivitis so i suggest you see your dentist asap to determine why your gums are "killing you".
Possibly. If they bleed then that is definitive of gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease. Only your dentist, doing a proper exam, will be able to tell if it has progressed into periodontitis, or full-blown gum disease. Please see your dentist.
See a periodontist. There is a good reason you are having a problem so see a periodontist who will turn this problem around gingivitis in the early stage is easily treatable the problem will no go away by itself. Get help.
Call today. Pain is unusual with gingivitis unless it is necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis. Nug needs antibitics, see if you can see a periodontist asap to help get you comfortable.