13 y.O. Hard to breath, consistant cough, burning inside torso, gets a bit dizzy now and then, after coughing feels slight heart/lung burn?

Lung illness. My general rule is that anyone who is finding it "hard to breathe" should see a doctor immediately--not wait. This is just one of those symptoms you can't take chances with. From the information given it is not possible to presume a diagnosis. The most common explanation for all these symptoms would be asthma, which is serious, but without an md evaluation, it is impossible to tell.

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Viral Syndrome? You symptoms can be consistent with a viral infection. Stop smoking, and make certain your sugars are good. Treat this symptomatically with good fluid intake, aspirin, and possibly an over the counter cough syrup if the cough is keeping you up at night. If the symptoms become more severe, see your primary care doctor. Remember with your diabetes and the diarrhea, fluid intake is very important. Read more...