Could dental bonding be removed?

Yes. Dental bonding commonly refers to the adhering of composite materials to the tooth structure. These composite materials can be removed safely with a resultant smooth surface. Depending on the situation other material may be recommended for replacing the removed composite.
Yes. It can be removed if placed for cosmetic reasons. But if placed for other reason concult you dentist.
It can. If the bonding was done for esthetic purposes, and didn't involve removing tooth structure, it can be completly removed and the tooth polished. If a cavity was present where the bonding was done, some of the resin will need to stay to cover the tooth.
Yes. Usually dental bonding is completely reversible and can be easily removed with a dental handpiece. Best to use magnification loupes to minimize chance of enamel damage.
Yes. But once a tooth has been restored it may require lifetime maintenance. Review your options w your Dentist.
Yes. Yes, but why? Are you talking about a resin direct bonding/veneer, or attachments for orthodontic work, or fillings? What are you thinking about replacing the bonding with? Ceramic, gold (metal), amalgam?
Yes. Bonding on teeth can be removed this usually involves drilling the material away just like getting a filling. It will probably need replaced unless it was placed for purely cosmetic reasons.

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Panicing from dental bonding results, can it be removed?

Don't panic. Bonding can be reshaped and/or redone. Discuss your concerns with your cosmetic dentist. Read more...
Cosmetic? Hard to say without an exam. Have you discussed it with the dentist who did it? If cannot or do not want to, then get another exam/opinion. Read more...
Yes... Bonding can be removed, it can be reshaped, and it can be added on to. I would visit with your dentist to let him/her know of your concerns. This is something that may be correctable to your liking. Read more...
Yes and. Then you will be back where you started from. If there is something that you are not pleased with? For example, shape, color, bite, esthetics, etc. Discuss it with your dentist before it is removed. Find out what can and can't be done to improve the results more in line with want you want or expect. Also discuss other treatment options. As a final resort, seek a 2nd opinion before its removal. Read more...