What are the symptoms of a heel spur? Is tbere an age group where it is most common?

Pain . In the heel worse after rest. Pain is usually worse in morning when you arise.
Heel pain. Heel pain is common in patients with a spur, or hook of bone that forms on the bottom of the heel. This condition is most common in middle age men and women, but can occur at most any age. The symptoms are generally worse after prolonged sitting or with the first steps after getting out of bed on the morning.
Heel spur. While more attention is usually paid to the heel "spur" that you can see on an x-ray, the real problem is excessive strain and weight-bearing on the ligaments of the sole of your foot (plantar fasciitis). This is usually felt as moderate to severe pain at the front part of your heel bone. It is more related to your weight and the amount of time spent standing, than to one's age.