My 25lb 2 year old swallowed 1/4 tube of. 25% fluoride toothpaste. Other than giving milk and watching for GI symptoms, is there anything I should do?

Poison Control. With any ingestion, i often call the poison control center in las vegas. They are staffed by very well trained individuals who have access to a computer system which usually can identify all the ingredients which are in the substance ingested. As a patient, you can call your local poison control center yourself. Poison control centers are one of the best investments of your taxpayer dollars!
Fluoride. Because Fluoride ingestion may lead to serious gastric upset as well as a host of effects like low calcium, high potassium, nausea, vomiting, increased salivation, seizures (due to low calcium &/or magnesium) and worse (with severe poisoning), it's best to have the child seen in an er where vital signs & electrolytes can be monitored & treatment instituted.
You are OK. Short term - you have addressed this problem properly, there should be no future problems related to this incident. Long term - children should use a non-fluoridated infant toothpaste until they are capable of reliably rinsing and spitting. Adults and older children only need a pea sized amount of a Fluoride toothpaste.