What's the best way to get rid of panic attacks/calm your self down from one?

Panic. Relaxation breathing could help. Buy and read the book the relaxation response and good luck.
Self-Assess. Identify triggers, self-assess what helps and what doesn't. Focus on what you can control. Practice daily stress mgmt. Use scale 1-10, 10 being the worst to rate anxiety level. Try not to let anxiety build over a 6 or 7 without intervening. Free Apps: 1)MyCalmBeat, 2) StressCheck, 3)TacticalBreather, 4)LifeArmor, 5)Breathe2Relax, 6) BioZen, 7) BinauralBeats, 8) Instant HeartRate. CBT. Medication.
Various. The feeling during a panic attack of being in imminent danger & needing to escape is so basic, so instinctive, that ignoring it can be very challenging.Realizing that there is no danger, regardless of how it feels, is a 1st step.When the feeling comes on, excusing oneself & finding a quiet place to do some slow deep breathing exercises can be helpful.Cognitive behavioral therapy can help, meds too.
Panic. Breathing exercises work best ifdone the right way. Start with your hand on your waist, breath in & let your hand reach your nose, count 1, then breath out. Breath in again & count 1, 2 . Breath out then breath in & count 1, 2, 3. Breath out then in & count 1, 2, 3, 4 . Keep repeating breathing in & out until reach 7 . After that breath out then in & count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 . Repeat until reach 1.

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What are the best method to get rid of panic attacks?

Deep breathing . EMDR, exercise, meditation, tai chi, pets are wonderful ways to combat anxiety and panic attacks. Panic attacks are caused by specific thoughts and circumstances when put together throw the person into such fear, they panic and then go into a attack which feels like a heart attack only its psychological not physical. Sweating, hot flashes, weakness, dizziness is common. good luck. Therapy helps. Read more...