How can children younger than age two years be protected from meningococcal disease?

Rare at this age. Meningococcal disease is rare in early infancy but various manufacturers pushing for adoption of the Meningococcal vaccine to the infant vaccine lineup.There has been difficulty creating a vaccine that would work that young but appears we may have reached that point.
Isolation. Isolate the infected patient routinely vaccinate all young children.

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If a child is diagnosed with meningococcal disease, can anything be done to protect the other children with whom he has contact?

Yes. Sometimes antibiotic prophylaxis and/or vaccination is recommended to others in contact with a child who has Meningococcal meningitis. Talk with your physician and s/he can check with the local health department if necessary. Read more...
Antibiotics. Prophylactic antibiotics can be used for close contacts to prevent secondary infections. Read more...