Are there some genetic reasons I get angioedema off and on?

Could be . Hae or hereditary angioedema is a genetic swelling disease due to deficiency or dysfuntion in a protein called c1 inhibitor. Typical symptoms include recurrent swelling without hives and unexplained abdominal pain that typically lasts 3-5 days on average. Each child of a parent with hae has a 50% risk of having the disease and it should not skip generations. An allergist can help.
Could be. There is a genetic deficiency of an enzyme called c-1 esterase inhibitor that can cause recurrent attacks of angioedema. Angioedema may also be acquired or idiopathic, meaning we don't know the cause.
Rarer than by chance. laboratory testing excludes the rarer genetic form, leaving a diagnosis of non-hereditary angioedema. It is a puffy allergic reaction, and responds to prednisone and antihistamine. I had angioedema for 10 years against jalapeños, finally disappeared. Various parts of my body (only 1 at a time) would swell up in an hour or two. My upper lip could almost triple in size. Beware pharynx swelling!