What do the experts think, should my orthodontist give me the choice between clear or metal braces?

Likely. Today's braces are small, efficient and aesthetic. We use clear and metal braces interchangeably on the upper front teeth. Most orthodontist's don't use clear braces on the lower teeth as the upper teeth may rub on them wearing away the edges of the upper front teeth. Invisalign is another clear alternative for some patients. Ask your orthodontist which is better for you.
You have choices. Most orthodontists offer both metal and ceramic (clear, fixed braces), and many include invisalign (clear, removable aligners) in choices they offer to patients. It is important to ask your orthodontist what appliance will best suit your needs.
Yes. Most orthodontists will give patients choice or metal braces, clear cosmetic braces, or invisalign (which straightens teeth without braces using a series of clear, nearly invisible aligners.
Possibly. Most orthodontists use clear bonded attachments but certain cases require metal banding. Let your orthodontist know your preference at the consultation visit and what is needed will be discussed at that time.
Second guess. You're a asking us to 2nd guess your Orthodontic Specialist, the person who best knows your malocclusion and the best appliance for correction of your problem. Time in treatment almost equivalent. Occlusion may limit which teeth can have clear attachments. Invisalign may be an option, but takes longer, more expensive, and less effective. Ask your Specialist.
Depends. Not everyone is a good candidate for clear braces. If you are, then they should, but it will depend on your case.