Which treatment works the best and fastest for acoustic neuroma?

Microsurgery. The goal of treatment is to preserve neurologic function and cure the tumor. Microsurgery is highly effective. Facial nerve function can be preserved in ~95 % of patients if the tumor is < than 2cm but in less than 50 % if the tumor is > than 3cm. Radiosurgery is an alternative in tumors < than 3cm with local control achieved in~ 90%. You must see an experienced neurosurgeon in an experienced ctr.
Surgery. There are no medicine that cures. Depending on severity usually surgery is done.

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What is the treatment for acoustic neuroma?

Surgery. Acoustic neuroma is a benign tumor growing on the auditory nerve. It is not malignant but compresses and displaces the normal nerve so gradually it will lose all function. Surgical removal is the only remedy but carries a high risk of deafness on that side. Sometimes this is associated with a systemic disease, neurofibromatosis which should be evaluated.
Depends upon size. The treatment of acoustic neuromas (vestibular schwannomas) depends upon its size and symptoms. Small asymptomatic tumors may require no treatment other than observation. Small symptomatic or large symptomatic tumors can be treated either by surgical removal or stereotactic radiosurgery. Your neurosurgeon can guide you.
Several. Acoustic neuromas are treated with observation, surgery or radiation, depending on the tumors size, the patients symptoms, and the age of the patient.

Are there treatment guidelines for acoustic neuroma?

See neurotologist. The nih had a consensus conference many years ago and recommended that acoustic neuroma patients be seen by a team consisting of a neurotologist and neurosurgeon, because treatment outcomes were better with a team approoach. They agreed that observation, surgery, and radiation were all valid options.
Yes. Acoustic neuroma is usually managed by otolaryngology and neurosurgery. Small tumors less than 1 cm are usually followed with serial head mris. These tumors can be treated with radiosurgery or open surgery if they are growing or large and causing pressure on local structures. The loss of hearing means the surgical options expand somewhat. The main goal of treatment is to preserve facial function.

Is a gamma knife a good treatment for acoustic neuroma?

Depends. Gk can be a great treatment option for an. Many times it is not. It depends on the size and location of tumor, how quickly it's growing, risks of surgery, prior radiation treatment, many many factors. I do both surgery and gammaknife for my patients with acoustics, and each treatment plan is tailored to the specific details of that patient's tumor and overall health.
Sometimes. Gamma knife, surgery, and observation are all treatment options for acoustic neuroma based on the patients age, health, hearing status, age, and other factors. Need to discuss treatment options with a neurotologist and neurosurgeon to detained best treatment in each situation.

Should a healthy 35 y/o male with a 1.9cm acoustic neuroma be given radiation (Gamma Knife) as a long term treatment option?

Gamma knife. Is ONE option but please get a second opinion. Some docs may suggest monitoring it to see about growth or lack thereof. Please do what doctors say after you've seen several. Peace and good health.

How to treat balance problems post radiation treatment for acoustic neuroma.

Your radiation. Oncologist is the best source of information about which medications are worth a trial. MECLIZINE is the most commonly used but there are a number of newer drugs! Hope this helps! Dr.
Depends. It would depend on the size of the acoustic neuroma as well as the radiotherapy - need more details if you received one dose, were you on steroids, is this unilateral or bilateral etc. Your radiation oncologist should be able to help with this as well.

What are the treatments for acoustic neuroma?

ACOUSTIC NEUROMA. An acoustic neuroma is a non-malignant, slow-growing tumor of the nerve that connects the ear to the brain. Surgical removal or radiation therapy are the main treatments.
See neurotologist. Acoustic neuromas are benign rumors that may be trusted with observation, surgery or radiation depending on patients age, size of tumor and amount of hearing present in affected ear.

Are there any treatments for an acoustic neuroma besides brain surgery?

Acoustic neuroma. Yes. Stereotactic radiosurgery is a treatment to stop the growth of acoustic neuromas. Radiosurgery is a focused beam of radiation using computer navigation to target the tumor and stop the growth. Based on the size and symptoms, small tumors with preserved hearing may be observed instead of treatment. Discuss with a team of surgeons who specialize in the treatment of acoustic neuromas.