What are cures for thrush yeast infection in nipples?

Nystatin. We usually use the same Nyststatin 1% suspension topically on nipples as we do on babies tongue. This is easily prescribed in a prime visit. Best of luck! .

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What's to be expected? Might thrush be cured with yeast infection medication?

Thrush. What medicine are you talking of? It has to be safe for oral intake as thrush is on the tongue and in the mucosa of the mouth and lips. Most of the times it gets cured. Read more...

I have very bad thrush from a vaginal yeast infection, does anyone know home remedies??? I don't wanna tell my mom so I wanna cure it myself : (ugh

Yeast infection. Thrush is a term that implies that you have involvement of the linings of your mouth. If that is the case you may want to check with a doctor and have your immune status assessed and be tested for STDs, including HIV. If this is just vaginal check with your friendly pharmacist. There are no "home remedies" likely to be of any value. Good luck and hope this clears up soon. Read more...