Can there be any quick treatment for malocclusion of my teeth?

Yes. If you are in a rush to straighten your teeth there are several mechanisms to speed things up. Ask your orthodontist about 1. Propel: this uses small "micro-perferations" to speed teeth movement. 2. Acceladent: this is an intra-oral vibrator that speeds things up. 3. Wickodontics: a combination surgical-orthodontic technique.
Depends. Don't look for quick, look for proper! if malocclusions are minor, sometimes bite adjustments are all that is needed. Sometimes restorations are what's needed, and sometimes orthodontics and jaw surgery is needed. It depends on each individual case. Get a proper evaluation.
See an orthodontist. Quick fixes are hard to come by when dealing with occlusion of teeth. Fitting teeth together is a complex process with many variables. Some re easier and quicker than others. There are products available today to speed up the process. Discuss these options with an orthodontist.
See an Orthodontist. Have an evaluation to determine your treatment needs, and then an orthodontic specialist can talk with you about the treatment modalities that are available.
Depends. On what kind of malocclusion and how severe it is. Your question is like asking, "i'm sick, is there a quick cure?" we need more detail.