What to do if I had 4 liters of fat removed with liposuction have many pound is it?

~9lbs if pure fat. Which is highly unlikely. In reality this represents somewhere closer to 5-6 pounds because it is more likely that about 60% of the volume removed represents actual fat.
Around 5 pounds. Depending on the type of liposuction performed and the region of the body changes this amount. But i would say 5-6 pounds.
Liposuction volume. The amount removed usually include fluid and fat. The percentage of fluid versus fat will determine the amount of fat removed. 500cc of fat is approximately one pound.
Fat weighs... ...A little less than the same amount of water. 4 liters of pure fat would weigh about 7.5 pounds. However, immediately after surgery, you may not notice this weight difference due to water retention and swelling.
8.8/6.6pounds of fat. As 2.2pounds equals a kilogram therefore 4 litres would equate to 8.8pounds. Majority of times though the fat content of the lipoaspirate is 65-75% depending on the pre-aspirate amount injected hence a more realistic upper limit number would be 6.6pounds of fat removed.