My mom gets bipolar disorder, so am I likely to get it later?

Possibly. If your mother has bipolar disorder you are at a higher risk of having the same problem compared to the general population. At the same time, there is no guarantee that you will have bipolar disorder.
Not necessarily. Bipolar disorder (bd) definitely has a strong genetic component, so having a parent with bd increases your risk for the disorder; but, if *both* your parents had bd, your risk would be about 20-30%. Still, if you or others close to you notice that you have mood swings and other problems, you definitely should seek professional help. Bd is highly treatable.

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Can you tell me how to make my mom to get treatment for her depression and bipolar disorder?

Depends. States have civil commitment laws that govern involuntary psychiatric treatment if specific legal criteria are meet. Absent this treatment can't be forced. Read more...